After taking fledgling steps into the business of forging and creating clothes for other brands as a garment manufacturer, I had quickly realised that I was standing at the precipice of an exciting, vast and unexplored world. I had learnt much during my initial venture but the one thing that stuck with me the most was how the world of fashion, especially denim has so much more than what we see here in India. The things that one can do with the cloth, from wash to texture to stitch is boundless. The fact that denim has stood the test of time in a world obsessed with "staying in fashion" is a testament to the cloth's versatility and ageless quality.

I embark on this expedition with The Bleu Label, armed with a vision to create denim that retains the characteristics of the vintage with a fusion of new age design. To explore the cloth, give it a remarkable look and most importantly allow the wearer to feel liberated and spirited.

- Aamir Ahmad
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